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Brief concise information, relevant across multiple heath sites, case studies to put information into context.Nurse

Variety of topics, variety of educational methods e.g. case studies and newsletters, flexibility to do education when I have time.Pharmacist

Easy to navigate, great choice of programs, asking our opinions about programs offered regularly to ensure targeting CPD well.GP

High clinical relevance of presented cases.GP

The content is up-to-date and well presented. The course does not take long to be completed. The videos enhances learning.Specialist

It's got great topics which are practical and interesting to participate in. Easy to use methodology. instant feedback .GP

Regular updates on topics of interest, great presenters and eminent speakers. Suitability of timing and convenience.Specialist

Range of topics, depth of information, expert knowledge of specialists in the area.Pharmacist

Clear information about up to date treatment, can practice knowledge by doing MCQ.Specialist

The content is presented in a comprehensive and yet enjoyable fashion and the layout is intuitive.Specialist

Programs are easy to navigate, I can return later to complete study, and there’s no pressure to complete in given time.Nurse

Educational, independent, and free of commercial influence.GP

Evidence based medicine, variety of topics relevant to everyday practice and stimulating information.GP

Free education in the comfort of my own home or office.GP

Can be completed over several days, rather than in one bite.GP

Ease of access to site and to my own progress/programs.GP

Comprehensive, accurate, user friendly.GP

Easy to use, easy access on my phone, relevant and up to date info.Pharmacist

Easy to see what interests me.Specialist

Easy to navigate; I like my dashboard, which 'talks' to me; has my personal briefcase.Specialist

It is online, it is easy to use and also I can review the materials later for future reference.Specialist

It is very helpful to be able to watch the experts talking on the videos about best practice management, especially when they are repeated again at the end. GP

Current recommendations on most common clinical presentations.Specialist

Good to have videos of speakers and not just written info.GP

Easy to read, informative, applied to everyday situations.Pharmacist

Easy to log on and navigate and flexible learning appropriate length. Topics are interesting and relevant, there are videos with experts, with ability to print notes. Ability to earn CPD points and a certificate to verify.Specialist

Programs are free from bias.GP

The presentations of the programs are great. The notes and tables provided are extremely valuable and the video presentations just add that little bit of extra relevance to the situations within the pharmacy Pharmacist

Love the specific programs made just for pharmacists.Pharmacist

Easy to navigate, material well presented, relevant to my work.Pharmacist

Concise, easy to use, can come back to modules at a later time.Pharmacist

Very good presenters with excellent experience.Specialist

Very easy to use, modules can be done at leisure, with the means to stop and resume at any time. The topics are well researched and most relevant to community pharmacy, delivered in a logical and interesting format.Pharmacist

The convenience of being able to study when it suits me, and at home. The site is very easy to use, and free. I earn valuable CPD points with each module completed. The subjects are appropriate to my profession. I learn a lot with the study and the presentation is interesting, which makes it easier to learn and retain.Nurse

Easy to navigate - user friendly - Free!.Specialist

Easy to navigate on mobile, good resources, relevant topics.GP

Quality online educational activities designed by specialists who really know how to deliver essential information and take home messages- I always feel I have learnt something new after completing the educational activity .GP