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Optimizing Treatment and Management of Obesity (OPTiMO)

Improve the quality of patient management and treatment in the field of obesity by combining online learning with a counselling tool.

Clinicians completing this program are encouraged to manage obesity as they would any other chronic disease state such as: diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and respiratory conditions. Each step helps to improve your confidence and skills to identify, assess and manage obesity in your practice.

  1. Enhance knowledge on the topic of obesity management

  2. Apply counselling strategies and increase your confidence in patient communication and disease assessment

  3. Use the educational counselling tool with patients to overcome barriers when discussing obesity and weight management

Track Your Progress

You must complete each step before proceeding to the next. Complete the baseline survey to get started!

Step 1

How are you currently managing your patients with obesity? Please take a few minutes to identify learning gaps and opportunities.

Complete the survey to unlock the next step

Step 2

This 1.5 hour accredited learning program will review key aspects of obesity management. It will focus on the commonly-stated barriers to addressing obesity in primary care and provides strategies that clinicians can use to better manage their patients with obesity.

Complete the accreditation requirements to unlock the next step!

Step 3

Watch a brief video demonstrating how to use the counselling tool.

Watch the video to unlock the next step.

Step 4

Engage in communication techniques, employ assessment approaches and identify treatment options as outlined in the online learning program.

Complete 10 patient assessments to unlock the next step.

Step 5

This activity has been approved by The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners QI&CPD.

Total Points: 6.00 Point(s) (Category 2)

A link to your certificate will appear after completing the online learning and the counselling tool.

Step 6

Help demonstrate the impact of OPTiMO! One month after you've completed 10 patient assessments, we'll send you a short post-program survey. This is the last step before completing the program.

Check your inbox in 1 month for a short survey.

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Optimizing Treatment and Management of Obesity (OPTiMO) Educational Counselling Tool

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