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Free to Healthcare Professionals. Why?

Free to Healthcare Professionals. Why?

mdBriefCase is a service designed for Australian and New Zealand Healthcare Professionals, providing novel CPD (CME) programs online. We offer these programs at no charge to participating Healthcare Professionals.

Our Model:

Our goal is to provide equal access to high quality programs that are relevant, timely, engaging and practical. mdBriefCase develops the programs which are supported by industry providers in the form of an educational grant. mdBriefCase adheres to a strict transparency policy on physician-sponsor roles. We are fully aligned with RACGP/ACRRM/APC/RACS/APNA/RCNA/OAA/NZAO/RANZCO guidelines, where the program sponsor and mdBriefCase agree upon the clinical area to be covered by the case study prior to the development process and the author (faculty) maintains full editorial control over the content.

Ultimately, by offering our programs at no charge, we hope to reach a wider audience and enhance the quality of care in Australia.