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About mdBriefCase

Who we are

mdBriefCase Australia is an independent provider of free accredited online medical education programs to over 40,000 Australian and New Zealand healthcare professionals (HCPs).

We offer these programs at no charge to participating HCPs.

What we do

mdBriefCase offers a valuable and flexible way to ensure your medical knowledge is current and that you meet your CPD point requirements through a range of high quality and completely free online educational programs.

As a leading education provider, we have designed a number of accredited programs for GPs, Pharmacists and Specialists. Module-based, our programs are reviewed by Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) in their respective fields. These programs aim to be at the cutting edge of medical thinking in order to keep you informed of the latest developments across a wide range of disease areas. They:

  • are interactive
  • are case study-based
  • include videos of the KOLs answering questions throughout the modules.

Why our services are free

Registering with mdBriefCase and participating in our programs is free of charge.

We believe that there is great value in providing a single site where you can participate in accredited, unbiased CPD activities, interact with your peers and improve your understanding of medicine.

mdBriefCase develops the programs, which are supported by industry providers in the form of an educational grant. We adhere to a strict transparency policy on physician-sponsor roles.

We are fully aligned with RACGP/ACRRM/APC/RACS/APNA/RCNA/OAA/NZAO/RANZCO guidelines, where the program sponsor and mdBriefCase agree upon the clinical area to be covered by the program prior to the development process and the faculty maintains full editorial control over the content.

Ultimately, by offering our programs to you at no charge, we hope to reach a wider audience and enhance the quality of health care in Australia.

What to do next

To participate and take advantage of mdBriefCase, first register by clicking here .

Registration and membership is free.

Once you have registered, you may participate in our programs by clicking on the relevant tab on the homepage – GP, Pharmacist or Specialist – and then following the on-screen prompts.

If you have any questions at any point in the process, either visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or email us at: